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Equine Massage Course with Celine Holliday

Equine Massage Course with Celine Holliday

We are very pleased to announce an exciting new course is being offered at Petasfield Stables.

Celine Holliday (BTEC, ESMT, IAAMT, MISAP) is joining us to do a course of three sessions over a six month period where you get to learn the basics of equine massage, enabling you to improve your horse's wellbeing on a daily basis.

Session 1: Sunday 29th October, 1pm will be an introduction to sports equine massage - an overview of the importance and benefits and will involve you learning some basic techniques. It will also highlight how your own health and the way you feel when riding can have a huge effect on your horses way of going.

Session 2: Sunday 21st January, 1pm will look at how people have been getting on and focus on some more specific exercises for each horse and rider.

Session 3: Sunday 18th March, 1pm will introduce more biology and specific treatment for injuries and disciplines as well as a check in for each horse and rider. 

All sessions will include overviewing the kinesiology tape and the Equissage machine. 

There are 4 cost options for the course.  Please note when you sign up you must sign up for the entire course so please ensure you make all the dates as the money is non refundable : 

1. Course only cost = £40 per session = £120 total 

2. Course plus massage for you (this will be directly focused on what will help you ride better) = £70 per session = £210 overall

3. Course plus massage for your horse = £80 per session = £240 overall

4. Course plus massage for you and your horse = £110 per session = £330 overall

Please note that the course will only go ahead if the minimum number is met.

Email to book and ensure you state which option you would like.