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Calendar Of Events

TREC Competition

This is a two phase competition:

The MA Phase (control of paces) demonstrates the control and obedience of the horse. The MA takes place over 50m to 150m.

The PTV phase of 10 obstacles, simulated to represent those you might meet out hacking, designed to test your riding skills, the training of your horse and the accord between you. If you do not want to do an obstacle just stop before it and tell the judge. You will not get marks for that obstacle, but will not be eliminated.

Class One:  

Top Score (Joker) The Rider has a set time to do the 10 obstacles in order in the first round. Then they carry on with any obstacles (in the correct direction but in any order) including the named joker (which gets double points), aiming to get maximum points. The joker obstacle can only be used up to THREE TIMES. There is no MA with this class. This is a good warm up class for all.

£14 per rider (own horse)

£16 per rider (our horses)

Class Two:

In this class the rider must work there way around all the 10 obstacles in the set order. Each obstacles will be scored and the winner will be the person with the highest score. The obstacles will be adjusted from novice to open depending on the riders ability. The two abilities will be placed separately.

£14 per rider (own horse)

£16 per rider (our horses)

Class Three:

This is a pairs class. Both riders must decied who does what obstacles, they each much do 5 obstacles and one of the control of paces. The scores will be put together and the winner will be the pair with the highest overall score.

£10 per rider (£20 for the pair) on own horses

£12 per rider (£22 for the pair) on our horses

Entries & payment in advance - minimum to be recieved in order for the event to go ahead. 


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